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The Fulcrum Mini is a versatile Titanium pocket tool/pry bar from Vero Engineering. Designed as a 2 in 1 tool, the Fulcrum Minis may look like a pry bar but can be transformed into a bit driver.

At only 90mm, it is much more compact and pocket friendly than it's bigger brother the Full Sized Fulcrum. Just like its big brother, the Fulcrum Mini has all the same awesome features - a 2 Wiha Bit slot, and a magnetic bit holder in the top of the clip which transforms your pry into a bit driver.

The Mini Fulcrums come in various colours, configurations and finishes so you will definitely find 1 that fits perfectly with your daily carry. 

The Mini Fulcrum ships with:

  • 5 Wiha Micro Bits:
    • T6
    • T8
    • T10
    • Philips
    • Slotted
  • Microfiber cloth

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Customer Reviews

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Love this thing!

This little tool has been in my pocket every day at work since it arrived.
Love the colour scheme, love the bit driver as I already own a set of Wiha bits.
It's also a pretty good pry tool!
My favourite bit of kit in a while.
Thanks Mitch!

Thanks Michael for sharing your awesome photos of your Mini Fulcrum. Very happy to hear you're enjoying your Mini Fulcrum. The Bit Driver sure is a handy feature.