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Very Handy Accessory

This is a great sharpening accessory to carry when travelling. The strop is of good quality but does need the compound to be effective. The size is large enough to allow an edge to be retained when larger sharpeners are unavailable. I carry mine in a small pouch as part of my wet pack/toiletry bag. I am very happy with this item and the Adventure Carry online service.

Small and Useful at Home or Office

This is a great EDC backup folder. Although small, it has the usual Kizer high-quality strength and finish, with a button lock. It is particularly useful at home or in the office, where a larger blade may be inappropriate. I keep mine handy in my desk drawer. I am very happy with this purchase and Adventure Carry's excellent online service.

Useful EDC Backup

This is a great EDC backup folder. Although small, it has the usual Civivi high-quality strength and finish, with a frame lock. It comfortably sits in a fifth (fob, watch, or coin) pocket. I am very happy with this purchase and Adventure Carry's excellent online service.

Little Bro Jack

Absolutely amazing quality and beautiful to look at and is now part of my Everyday Carry.

Fast shipping and great packaging. Even threw in a lollie.

Great knife, exactly what I was looking for in a daily use

Baby Banter
Isaac A.
Baby Banter is a Banger!

Amazing little knife, addictive flip action, light as a feather, comfortable in hand, hair popping sharp, love it!

Striga V2
Adam M.
Great little knife

I've been eyeing these off for quite a while, but I finally pulled the trigger and I'm glad I did. It screams quality, which is typical for Bestech made stuff.
It's a bit on the pricey side, but it's very well built with premium materials, such as Böhler M390 blade steel, titanium handles and USA made micarta scales, plus ceramic bearings.
But to be honest, the same money can get you more. Fortunately, I bought mine while there was a deal on and I scored a free Matsey pry bar, which was the reason why I pulled the trigger.

I've only got one real complaint - the detent is a bit too light. A heavier detent and this thing would be phenomenal!

As for Adventure Carry, absolutely flawless as usual. Mitch is a legend and he runs a tight ship. 5 stars for him.

Will M.
Civivi Exone, a great choice for edc!

Having been a fan of Civivi knives for many years now, the latest offering had me hooked straight away.
The Civivi Exone grabbed my attention straight away with its bold blade shape & simple yet purposeful design!
The aggressive but useful and very utilitarian wharncliffe blade shape works very well at everyday tasks around the home, office or garage!
With a handle that fits great in the hand and a solid lock up from the liner lock, this is pretty much my perfect everyday carry blade!
Civivi has made Nitro-V steel one of their most used steels for their knives, it’s a solid choice. With ease if sharpening, good edge retention and the ability to get hair popping sharp with relative ease it’s a great choice and fits the bill very nicely on the Exone.
If you’re looking for a solid, well designed & very useful pocket knife, look no further than the Civivi Exone!

Great for the office .

Lots of fun for my EDC BAG

Beautifully crafted

Great small EDC Carry

Stunning knife great heirloom Quality

Beautiful knife with amazing Quality and packaging . Great customer service

Good lite little knife,great bang for buck

ACE Grand
Stephen F.

Fantastic knife, absolute quality

Beautiful knife and amazing Quality

Elementum II Button Lock /Damascus w Twill carbon fiber handle

Really pleased with this knife as it’s just a great EDC all rounder. I tend to collect small pocket knives, so the closest size wise to this knife would be my Buck 112. And as much I go on hand and knee in respect of the classic Buck, the Elementum is just such a beautiful discreet modern light weight sturdy knife that just slips into your jean pocket, love it!
It’s super sharp (well at least for me:-) out of the box, and the ergonomics are great i.e. opens so easy either with the flipper or just wrist action using the button lock. I also have the E II with the bone white scales/red inner frame, but I find this version slightly smaller, but more discrete and upmarket style wise.
Damascus overlay on the blade is a nice touch and really stands out, and is well balanced with the look of the carbon fiber twill handle material.
The above said, it’s not just pretty, definitely an EDC workhorse too.
Thanks for great service Adventure Carry. And I’m not buying anymore knives 🙄

Very Cool

Great little fixed blade easy to carry and the magnacut steel is perfect. I went with the kydex sheath. The leather also looks great, if your on the fence for this blade, jump off and grab it.

Gravity fun

Great fidget 'toy', doubles as a handy utility knife! Happy to have one. Blade is secured well but does have slight 'play'.

Absolutely love this 💚

Great service, fast delivery and great range of products,
Will use again

Super happy

Works great, super fidgety, genuinely very practical and useful at work, goes in and out of the pocket very easily, the blade it comes with has is slightly loose but holds Milwaukee blades snugly and without any movement, comfortable handle.


Such a great (micro) bit driver Ben at knafs really knows how to make an amazing driver FOR ONLY $45

In my review I didn’t give it a 5/5 because
A) it’s not the standard size bits
But that also slows it to be so much smaller
B) the fact that you only get 3 bits
And they are the only downsides to this amazing tool
Just a heads up the T8 can take apart a LNW AAP, Civiv Elementum utility a Vero Fulcrum
You know you want it