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The detail on this coin is amazing. It's not cheap, but sometime you have to treat yourself.

The size and weight are great. If you like coins, you won't be disappointed.

The only thing I would like to have seen, is a coin pouch included in the price.

Thanks Craig. An included slip / pouch is a great idea - I will pass on your feedback to the maker in italy.


A great camping strop

I got the kangaroo leather strop. It's a great size for in the pack when out camping.

Looks good too. There's not much more to say about a strop.


Appreciate the great review Craig!


Good, but not perfect

This stropping paste (I bought the medium grit) works like it is supposed to, but with one drawback for me.

It stays moist on the strop. That may not matter to you, but I prefer dry compounds.

It's not a huge thing, but it makes carrying it in the pack slightly more messy that I prefer. And it accumulates on the blade more that I personally like. You may not care. Don't hesitate to buy it and try it.

As I said, it does its job and that's the main thing.

Hi Craig, thank you for your great review. I'd just like to address some concerns you have regarding the Strop Paste. This paste is indeed a wet paste and it has been designed to nourish and hydrate the leather, stopping it from drying out and ensuring your strop remains useable for years to come. Dry compound bars are an option but they will not look after the leather as mentioned above. It's also a good idea to ensure that the strop is covered/contained inside your pack so it does not become contiminated with dirt / debri etc.
I hope your new strop serves you for many years to come :)


Excellent EDC Knife

The Sendy is a lightweight, deep carry EDC style knife. It won't weigh your pocket down.

It has a thin blade designed for slicing, so don't think you can build a survival shelter with it. But for daily tasks including food prep, it works well.

Build quality and fit and finish are excellent.

It came very sharp, and a polish on a strop made the factory edge even better.

The flipper action is flawless, and being a liner lock, means you can put the blade away one handed.

I haven't used the tweezers yet, but they look like they will do the job. Though I do object to calling the pointy metal tool a toothpick. Don't put it anywhere near your soft gums. It will however, remove thorns and splinters quite well.

All in all, this is a winner for Civivi. Highly recommended.

Thanks for the detailed review Craig! Appreciate the great feedback :)


Looks great in the office

My Fav knife so far . Amazing quality for the price.

James B.
Giant Mouse GMF1 - Adventure Carry

I am extremely happy with this purchase and the personal approach service of Adventure Carry - the knife is cool but it was the dealing with Adventure Carry why I wrote the review.

Thank you for the Epic review James! Glad you are pleased with our service :)
Cheers, Mitch


I’ve had 2 TT pens for a few years but this one is the best yet. Action is so smooth. Addictive fidget toy

Thanks for your review Peter! TT pens certainly do not dissapoint. A product you should be able to enjoy for a lifetime + some.
Cheers, Mitch

Utility Pouch
Stephen F.
Awesome pouch!

Extremly well made with top quality zips and plenty of places for all my gear

Well said! Thanks for the great review.
Cheers, Mitch

Beautiful Knife

I have a few knives that are 4 times the price of this one and none look as good.

They certainly represent great value for money :)

Great little Knife

Very happy with this knife , Excellent value for the price

Thanks for the awesome review, Stephen!
This ones an AC favourite.


Mini Strop MUST have!!

I purchased The Mini Strop a short while ago and have found it to be fantastic quality to the price point.It is a must have when you want to strop your knives without the hassle of sharpening them.Again,my dealings with Mitch from Adventure Carry have always been a pleasure and he went above and beyond to ensure that my enquiries and purchasing orders have been seamless and successful.

Thanks for the fantastic review, Barry! Appreciate it very much. Glad you are enjoying the new kit.
Cheers, Mitch

Kizer Drop Bear on washers?

A straight swap from bearings and the Kizer Drop Bear feels like a whole new knife. Washers were finished well with no burrs and only needed a light polish to bring out a shine before fitting. Will definitely be buying more for others in my collection to see how they feel.

Thanks for the review Craig. Glad fitment was a success. I'll pass on the fitment feedback to Skiff so they can update their chart.

Cheers! Mitch

Vision FG
David B.
Awesome knife

Great knife, feels great in hand, opens and closes like a dream. Swapped on a landers pocket clip from Adventure Carry for a little more comfort and ease in and out of pocket.
Fast dispatch and quick friendly service.

Thanks for the great review David. Glad the Lander pocket clip install was a success. Enjoy the new knife!
Cheers, Mitch

Feist XL
First Xl

Great knife and excellent quality. Online chat with staff were helpful and informative. Shipping was super quick. Happy with my purchase. Don’t get put off by the “XL” it’s quite normal sized and fits easily in the hand and pocket.

Luke M.
Kizer Varatas

Firstly Mitch & Adventure Carry are AMAZING!!! truly Impeccable quality, price & customer service that goes above & beyond almost any other retailer I've ever dealt with, Mitch is fantastic. The Varatas was never bought as a daily user, it was a design that caught my eye & I simply wanted it for my brand new unused collection, it's an almost flawless example of what it is, buttery smooth action, a beautifully milled titanium frame & very impressive aesthetic accents. The only down sides to this knife would be, if a person likes a heavy knife or a knife that truly feels full in the hand, then perhaps this knife might not be for you, & if a person (like myself) enjoys a truly strong detent, then the Varatas possibly isn't going to be the blade for you, but with S35VN steel, the stylish looks, passable thumb hole opener & with a semi decently sized usable choil (for people who don't have jumbo hands like me lol), this would be either a great knife say for a suited man who works in an office, or simply for a collector who enjoys a beautifully made, well done piece to add to his or her collection. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars not because it's not s beautifully made knife, because it ABSOLUTELY is, rather it scored a 4 from me simply because I live & work on a farm & it would never really be a knife I'd utilise all that often, so I'm almost certain that for another person with different EDC daily needs than my own, the Kizer Varatas would easily be a 5 out of 5. Mitch & then AC team get a solid 10 out of 5 stars from me lol, yes.....they are that good!!!. I may not ever be using it, but I'm sure glad I've got one in my unused collection!!

Thank you for the awesome write up and feedback, Luke! Mich appreciated.


Highly recommend these bearings!

Had heard all the rave about these Skiff bearings before so I decided to take the plunge. Grabbed a set for my CKF Evo 3 and now it flicks with ease and drops shut without any resistance at all! Will have to make sure the finger is well out the way. Highly recommend

Best folding oil ever!

Spoke to AC and was suggested to try the ultralight oil for my folding knives. It did not disappoint! Knives flick out effortlessly and one in particular doesn’t have a “rub/friction” feel to it anymore. Strongly recommend

Tiamascus Clip
Lachlan D.
Timascus clip

Awesome quality

Thanks Lachlan! Looks great.
Cheers, Mitch

Tactile turn slim bolt action pen


You can’t go wrong with this.

Typical WE/Civivi Quality, whilst I’m not overly fond of the blade material and I feel the civivi brand would 100% benefit from a shift into the mid tier premium steels (looking at you S35VN hint hint); this release more than satiates my own desires for a decent size folder that you can actually lean into a bit. It’s on the large side for a folder which suits me to a T and the button lock / flipper tab combo is pure win!

Lander 2
Solid release.

This sits in my goldilocks zone for an EDC workhorse, great steel, perfect length blade, silky smooth action, clutch/axis lock. The only box it doesn’t tick for the perfect 10 is the fact it lacks a flipper tab, but considering it’s a clutch lock with thumb studs, the addition of a flipper tab may be considered a little redundant. All in all, this is exactly what you would expect from a Ben Petersen / Kizer collaboration. To me, it’s an absolute must have.

KPL dry film

Works very well and has a good dispensing needle.

Thanks for the great review!

Side click pen

Great customer service - thanks

Hi Craig,

Thanks for your review. The top button will smooth out with use and the clip is deigned to be stiff so you don't loose it. You can carefully bend the clip to your desired tension. Tactile products are machined and assembled in the USA with care and love, this process is not cheap. You can contact us directly for resolution if you are not happy with your purchase.


Excellent value

I bought these to try on my Peña X Series Lanny Clip Trapper. Very pleased.
Need to find countersunk head screws but that's not the clips fault.
Looks great with the anodising removed, which was very easy. And I didn't mind the anodising to start with either. Thanks again Mitch 👌