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Meet Clyde... 

More "folk" than "lore."
More "urban" than "legend."
More "goofus" than "gallant."

"Maybe it's our fault that Clyde turned out the way he did. After all, we did name him after our favorite watering hole in Portland, “The Clyde Common”, located at the ACE Hotel in Pearl district. And we did create him as a mix of Scandinavia meets Japan and flirts with the Persians - no good lovechild could come from that….or could it? Well, we surely think so!"

The Clyde has a slim, pointy and slightly upswept blade in M390 steel. The handle looks smaller than it feels, just like Clyde claims in other matters, and the ergonomics of the knife may surprise you given its simple lines.

GiantMouse believes that Clyde is the perfect EDC knife, and, if you haven’t noticed yet, it has a ton of attitude that will set it apart!

Green Micarta:
GiantMouse Clyde Green Micarta Australia
Natural Micarta:
GiantMouse Ace Clyde Natural Micarta Australia

GiantMouse Ace Clyde Brass Australia

Red Aluminium
GiantMouse Clyde Red Aluminium Australia

Black Aluminium
GiantMouse Clyde Black Aluminium Australia


Blade Steel:  M390
Clip: Wire.
Liner: AISI 420 Hardened - Bead Blasted.
Pivot Mechanism:  Bronze washers.
Locking Mechanism:  Liner lock.

    Blade Length:  3" (77mm) - measured from tip to forward-most aspect of frame
    Blade Thickness:  0.118" (3mm)
    Handle Length:  3.94" (100mm)
    Overall Length:  6.97" (177mm)
    Weight: 119g (Brass) | 79.4g (Micarta)

    See a full review of the Clyde in Canvas Micarta at PackConfig

    Manufactured to exacting quality standards for GiantMouse in Maniago, Italy

    Customer Reviews

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    Raff Salera
    Gentleman’s EDC’er

    This is truely a gentleman’s carry, such a beautiful design with elegant lines and a very stylish design. Definitely a piece you should consider for every day carry.

    Hi Raff, firstly thank you for sharing your stunning photo. I have to agree with you about the Clyde, it is elegant and stylish wrapped up in 1 knife. Super happy to see that is taking rotation in your EDC line up. Thank you for your review!