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There are 2 variants of the A8. Only the UV/Red/White contains UV. 

One of the most popular RovyVon models in the past year, the Aurora A8 is now in its 3rd Generation coming off the back of the popular A8x. Released in 2022, the major upgrades are:

  • USB-C charging port
  • Magnetic Pocket Clip & Detachable Magnetic Tail Base 

Fully charge your A8 in 1 hour with the new A8 and have full hands free capability with the new magnetic attachments.

The A8 delivers a max output of:

  • 650 lumens on SST-20 6500k
  • 450 lumens on Nichia 219C 5000k 90 CRI LED

Choose from the following sidelight options: 

  • UV/Red/White - (365nm UV Wavelength - can read banknotes)
  • Amber/Red/Blue (No UV)

It has a built-in 330mAh Lipo rechargeable battery and can be fully charged via the USB-C port in 1 hour. It supports a long runtime - the moonlight mode (0.5lm) of the front LED can last 72 hours and the white low mode of the sidelight (A8U) lasts 12 hours.

Accessories: User manual, Warranty card, RA03 magnetic clip, RA30 magnetic tail buckle, Keyring.


  1. Quick and easy mode switch operation
  2. NICHIA 219c 5000k 90CRI LED, max 450 lumens
  3. SST20 6500K, Cool white, max 650 lumens
  4. Optional secondary LEDs (sidelights) - your choice of either:
    a. Amber+Red+Blue (A8Y)
    b. UV(365nm)+Red+White (A8U)
  5. 330mAh lithium polymer battery lasts up to 66 hours
  6. USB-C charging with indicator, fully charged in 60 minutes
  7. Improved PWM
  8. Mode memory after working for 3 minutes or longer
  9. Ergonomic design and one-handed operation friendly side switch
  10. Magnetic Pocket Clip & Tail Buckle
  11. Equivalent IPX6 weather resistance

Includes: 1 SS key ring, 1 SS pocket clip, 1 USB cable, 1 User manual, 1 Warranty card.

2 year warranty.


RovyVon A8 Gen 3 Australia USB C

Length 60.5mm
Weight 63.5g
Max Output 650 lumens (SST20)
450 lumens (Nichia)
Min Output 0.5 lumens (moonlight)
Beam Distance

110m (SST20)
70m (Nichia)

Impact Resistantce 1.5m
Water Resistance IPX6
Battery 330 mAh LiPo rechargeable  
Material/Finish Clear/opaque Polycarbonate


Jon Gadget's review below shows off the great finish of the Generation 2 model the A8x. Head to 4:03 where he runs through the modes the A8x UV/Red/White variant has on offer. 

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