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KPL™ Heavy Knife Oil

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KPL Heavy™ is a higher viscosity version of the KPL you know and love.  KPL Heavy is highly thixotropic/shear thinning formula designed specifically for knife detents and detent tracks.  

Ordinarily gel-like, each time your lock mechanism clicks into place, the shock refluidizes KPL Heavy allowing it to refresh the lubrication of your detent ball.

When sitting without shock/shear, the KPL heavy regains its higher viscosity so it stays put near the detent.

The unique properties of KPL Heavy revolutionize detent care.  Eliminate scratchy detents, lubricate less often, and trust KPL Heavy to remain SUPER washout resistant. 

What's the difference between KPL Regular & KPL Heavy? Ryan the brains behind KPL explains & shows you the difference here in this video.

Customer Reviews

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Hugh Le
Amazing oil and even more amazing customer service

I'm going to be honest and say that I only bought the oil from here because it was the first thing that came up on Google and I needed it to lube the pivots of my butterfly knife. It has worked as well as I expected, it is now buttery smooth and I recommend it to anyone who uses a flipper. Additionally, I was very surprised when the packaging that came with the KPL oil came with a handwritten note from the owner, I thought It was a generic thank you card but it was indeed handwritten and a lot of care was given to making it look neat and tidy. Needless to say, I will definitely be visiting AdventureCarry when I want to buy a new knife or flashlight even though it might be cheaper elsewhere as it seems like they care about their customers even for seemingly insignificant orders.

Hi Hugh, thank you for leaving your detailed review. KPL is an excellent product and works especially well for Butterfly Knives. Glad that you're enjoying it. Thank you for your kind words. We do place emphasis on ensuring every customer's experience is a good one. Appreciate that you picked it up. Thanks for sharing your photos too! Hope to see you back in the future Hugh.


Mick Schot
Nice and heavy

It’s lube , it’s heavy , it was delivered fast , great service once again by Adventure Carry.

Exactly to the point! Hope you get plenty of use of your KPL heavy! Thank you for your time in leaving a review. It is much appreciated Mick!