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The full sized Fulcrum is a versatile Titanium pocket tool/pry bar from Vero Engineering. As with all Vero designs, the Fulcrum is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is functional to boot too.

Measuring 132mm in height, the Fulcrum features a slot within the pry bar that allows you to keep 2 of your most commonly used Wiha micro bits. These Micro Bits can be attached to the magnetic bit holder in the top of the clip which transforms your Fulcrum into a fully functional bit driver. A 2 in 1 tool, the Fulcrums come in various colours, configurations and finishes. You'll be guaranteed to find 1 that suits your favourite colour coordinated carry. 

All Fulcrums ship with:
  • 5 Wiha Micro Bits:
    • T6
    • T8
    • T10
    • Philips
    • Slotted
  • Microfiber cloth

Vero Fulcrum with Bits Australia Exclusive Dealer

If you're after the smaller sized Mini Fulcrum, they can be found here.

Vero Fulcrum and Mini Fulcrum Australia

Customer Reviews

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Permanent EDC

I liked the larger Fulcrum so much, I bought the smaller one too. That way, I can also conveniently carry the most common bits I need at all times. While these aren’t inexpensive, it’s one of those times when “ you get what you pay for” really applies. Wiha bits are rightfully highly regarded and come as standard with both the large and small versions. The pry tools themselves are very good at what they do, both when used to pry and as bit holding drivers. I’m very happy with mine and the usual excellent service from Mitch.

Thank you for your review of the Fulcrum. Joseph Vero's ensures his products are of top quality in both design and build and I'm really glad that you're enjoying yours.